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At Tactico Solutions we believe in a few simple principles and we look for customers that share our ideals.


Less customers – better service

We won’t take on more customers than we can handle.
We implement and use technology to maximise the number of customers and computers we can support. We work smart but not rushed. We do it once and do it properly and we make sure everyone is happy it has been done.


Make it Simple – Keep it Simple

It’s not about the technology it’s about business. You want IT as a tool for the success of your business. As do we.
Solutions to problems should be simple and affordable but still appropriate.  We don’t over-complicate things.
Pricing can be fixed or flexible –  whatever is the simplest.



A relationship of trust enables things to happen without delay. We work as if we are your staff, not your supplier.
Boundaries and procedures are established for comfort and mutual success.



Keeping all parties informed of plans, issues, and thoughts builds trust and establishes an environment for growth.


It doesn’t matter if you prefer to be on one of our complete, all inclusive managed services plans, or just an adhoc, ring us when you need us basis. Either way you get professional, skilled, experienced support and advice.

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