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Domain names are the important part of the internet that helps make it easy to use for the likes of you and me.

Computers like numbers, people like words. This is why we have domain names like “”

But it isn’t as simple as we might like to setup, so of course this is another service we can provide for you.


The most common “mistake” we see is companies with a website such as, but still with an email such as  He should definitely be setup better and have “, or etc”

As well as looking much more professional, this helps give Joe the flexibility to change internet providers without the need to change email addresses.

Many businesses are also registering multiple domains and having the all point to the main website and email address. So in the above example, Joe might also register,,


In addition to business requirements we are seeing many individuals and families configure domains as a way of getting extra protection and an identity you can keep hold of as you move providers. Names such as,,  and are examples of getting yourself a unique name for all members of your family.


Letting us manage and maintain your domain gives us control to fix things when the internet breaks. We can easily redirect your emails or website elsewhere in the event of a provider having problems, or your office internet being down, and we can make appropriate settings that help ensure you receive less spam, or don’t accidentally look like you send spam.


A lot of domain providers advertise “cheap deals” and the actual registration of a name doesn’t cost too much, however owning the name isn’t all there is to it -it has to be configured to point to the right numbers, an extra/hidden cost for many providers and something the novice cant always do themselves.


Also – watch out for domain name invoice scams. Manu companies are receiving letters that look like invoices prompting for payment for the setup or renewal of your domain name. You may have, but the letter will be discussing or or similar.  The fine print will tell you the letter is marketing and it “becomes an invoice if you pay it”. More info is available on the SCAMWATCH web page.


Of course, to discuss any domain related questions, call or email

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