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Managed Support

At Tactico we pride ourselves as acting as if we were actually your staff – with your business’s best interest always at heart. As a result it is often mutually beneficial for us to manage all aspects of your IT for one fixed monthly price rather than an ad-hoc hourly rate.


All workstation support for standard systems and software.

All Server Support.

Preventative maintenance such as windows updates, temp file cleaning, and error monitoring.

Proactive testing – ensuring your backups and recovery systems are working as planned.

Offsite monitoring – Automated alerts of key infrastructure issues such as disk space, internet connection and email functionality.

Management of domain names, email accounts and web hosting.

Liaising with 3rd parties such as internet providers, cabling, web developers.

Co-ordination of regular printer and copier servicing.

Security management and reporting. Antivirus and Antispam.

Management of mobile phone plans, and data usage monitoring.

Asset Management.

Regular IT planning meetings.


Managed support is individually tailored to your business. Pricing varies with the number of computers, staff, printers, and locations. By having an all encompassing plan your staff don’t need to fear unpredictable costs and will call us every time they have an issue keeping you at peak productivity and absolute peace of mind.


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