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Toner Recycling


As part of our service to our clients, Tactico is now involved in a Toner Cartridge Recycling Program.

Did you know that each Toner cartridge recycled represents a saving of about 3litres of oil, and 1Kg of landfill.?

Recycled cartridges are sometimes refilled and resold, but most often they are recycled into things such as tables, pens, and even roads.

There is also a considerable carbon saving with estimations suggesting that 1tonne of recycled material represents a 10 tonne saving in carbon emissions.


How it works:

Every time we visit you for an onsite service call or to make a delivery just hand us your cartridges and we will process them and pass them on for recycling.

If you have a few and haven’t needed to see us for a while – put the kettle on and call us round. (and hey why haven’t we seen you lately?)

Try and put the old cartridges in the bag provided with the new cartridge.

Pretty simple.

For you – you get your cartridges picked up.

For us – we get an excuse to see you again and build our relationship.

Together – we do something worthwhile.

Contact us to organise a pickup

Remember – we can match or beat almost any price on GENUINE ink and toner cartridges, and you get free delivery!

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